If you want cheap canvas art to look good one of the main criteria is choosing the right canvas. There are so many different kinds of canvas that most are not even aware of it.Not only are the varieties available in terms of fibers but also in terms of stretched canvas, canvas rolls, canvas panels and even canvas books.

There are different kinds of fibers which are used to make cheap canvas art. These most common ones are  cotton duck. There is also linen and there are synthetic fibers which are made into cavas as well. There are also blends of natural fibers with synthetic fibers to give the best of worlds to the canvas.

Cotton duck canvas is the cheapest  and used for cheap canvas artas it comes in a variety of weights as well as weaves. These are the best for artists who are just starting out with canvas painting. Howevr, these tend to absorb moisture and so they expand and contract based on the humidity.

abstract canvas art

There are linen canvases which are stronger than the cotton canvas and they are able to stretch better as well. These are resistant to mildew and mold as well as they do not absorb moisture as much as cotton does. These also do not expand or contract much due to the weather either. Linen also contains natural oil and so the fiber is flexible and more pliable.

Synthetic fibers are a new entrant in the world of canvases and so their durability has not been gauged. However, this has resulted in the creation of cotton poly blends. These make the cotton canvas strong and the artists are able to make cheap canvas artwhich are smoother. This is essential especially for portrait canvases.

These are some of the different kinds of canvas which are used.