Different robot vacuums work differently when cleaning. Some do it in a methodical or organized way and others seem like they move around the floor randomly. But they still map the room having built-in cameras having Sensor Smart Technology.

Some variants have remote controls with them, so you can be sitting in the comfort of your sofa and directing them to the exact spot that needs to be cleaned. Usually, as the robot vacuum cleaner gets more costly, they contain higher number of cleaning modes.

Some of the modes are auto, where the cleaner is programmed for moving over a space till the battery drains out. Another mode is turbo- this is a very powerful mode picking up the maximum dust and dirt; spot cleaning, where the robot can be focussed to clean a particular spot.


The working method of Robot vacuum cleaner

The robot initially sits over docking station, which is able to charge the battery during cleaning cycles. The robot should be settled in the open area avoiding cramped areas or closets so that it’s easy for the vacuum cleaner to make away and come back to its original station.

The robot vacuum powers out of the station o do the cleaning on the set day and time embedded in the robot’s memory. It will navigate back only after the cleaning cycle is done or in the case, the battery runs low. In cases when the battery is about to die out before the cleaning completes the robot aborts the cleaning process and returns to the station.

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What are the limitations?

There are things that the Robot vacuum will definitely not perform for you:-

  • Not capable of vacuuming stairways.
  • Cannot function properly beyond 30 to 35 degree inclination or slope,
  • Their light sensors cannot work on black and dark surfaces since light cannot reflect.